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About ZCP

In a landscape where the average cost of running a TAO subnet exceeds $3,000,000 and is poised to increase further, our commitment to egalitarian principles stands firm.
We recognize that developers in developing countries face insurmountable barriers to entry, hindering their ability to contribute to the open-source AI movement.
At ZCP, we offer a welcoming home for builders worldwide, fostering an environment where innovation knows no borders. With the transition to Proof-of-Stake (POS), we've engineered a fast, affordable, and reliable infrastructure that empowers developers irrespective of their geographical location or financial means.
Leveraging superior tooling already available on Ethereum for ZCP, we provide the easiest starting point for open-source initiatives. ZCP isn't just a program; it's the hub for Open Source DeAI developers to thrive and revolutionize the AI landscape.
Welcome to your new home for innovation and collaboration. ZCP - pioneering open ecosystem designed explicitly for open-source AI developers.
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Empowering Decentralized AI Innovators

The Zero1 Construct Program offers builders access to data monetization and developer support, facilitating their journey to decentralize the AI space. This incentive-centric initiative features built-in economic mechanisms designed to ensure a continuous influx of developers and users, fostering the creation and testing of new DeAI products.
Open to startups, researchers, and developers with innovative AI project ideas, the program invites participants to submit detailed project proposals outlining their team, project vision, and plans for leveraging the program's benefits.
Proudly featuring ecosystem partners including leading tech companies, academic institutions, and investment firms dedicated to advancing AI, the Zero Construct Program plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of AI innovation within the Zero1 ecosystem.
Participants in the Zero Construct Program can expect a myriad of benefits, including but not limited to:
  • Mentorship to Execution: Gain insights and guidance from industry leaders and AI experts.
  • Technical Support and Resources: Access cutting-edge technology and tools to bring your AI projects to life.
  • List on DeAi AppStore and Discovery Platform: Maximize your project's exposure and accessibility to a global audience of users and stakeholders.
  • Grants and Funding: Secure financial support to fuel your project's development and scale.
  • Security Audits and Stress Testing: Ensure your project's integrity and resilience with comprehensive security measures.
  • Strategic Partners Collaboration: Join forces with leading companies and research institutions in the AI ecosystem.
  • Early access to Cypher Chain: Be first to know when our transformative product launches and secure your spot ahead of others.
  • Ecosystem Investors: Connect with investors who are keen on backing transformative AI ventures.
  • Co-marketing and Community Support: Leverage our network to amplify your project's visibility and reach.
  • Exclusive Invites to Zero1-Only Events: Participate in premier events that bring together the brightest minds in AI.
  • ML and AI Training Tooling: Learn how to navigate the complex DeAi sector with the help of our network of experts
By joining forces with us, innovators can harness the power of the $DEAI Economic Framework, access developer support, and engage in the Zero1 Construct Program to accelerate their DeAI App from conception to launch.
Let the Zero1 Flywheel work for you as we collectively drive the evolution of decentralized AI innovation.