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About Zero Economic Framework

A New Way to Fund DeAI Projects
  • We propose an inclusive environment for open-source developers to quickly and easily deploy their DeApps and earn income from the $DEAI Ecosystem.
  • The PoS-based $DEAI Ecosystem lowers the currently impassable barrier of entry that PoW-based ecosystems impose, unlocking access to DeAI for everyone, not just the VCs.
  • The ZERO Economic Framework awards DeAI projects that have the most usage with tokens.

Flaws of Current DeAI Economic Models

As of this writing, the costs associated with running a subnet for one of the largest DeAI projects are close to $3,000,000 and are escalating rapidly. This pricing effectively excludes most developers, consolidating control within the hands of a select few. However, the primary issue lies deeper - the flawed design of the underlying economic incentives.
Proof of Work (PoW) models, while secure, reward miners solely for computation performed. We propose a Proof of Stake (PoS) alternative, which not only reduces costs significantly but also shifts focus to a more vital activity - the actual usage of DeAI apps.
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New paradigm for DeAI funding

Central to the Zero Economic Framework are two core elements: code contribution and DeApps usage.
Contribution is provided by the DeAI developers, while usage is generated by end-users. As a community-owned DeAI app distribution marketplace, Zero1 mediates and boosts the interchange between developers and users.
Once the DeAI applications are built and ready, developers can add their products permissionlessly to our open, community-centric app store. Its intelligent design helps users find the best tools suiting their needs.
Additionally, to further increase the visibility of DeAI Apps, we provide marketing support, advertising products to our existing community of users and developers. There is also a possibility to obtain more comprehensive assistance through our Zero Construct Program.

Contribute Your DeAI App to Earn Tokens for Usage

When the apps are used, developers are rewarded with tokens. The amount of token is based on actual usage, not on computational power contributed, as seen in PoW models. This meritocratic PoS approach ensures that the best ideas prevail, irrespective of mining rig strength.
The Zero Economic Framework offers a cost-effective, accessible, and scalable alternative. Finally, DeAI developers do not need to run a subnet to start earning from their open-source DeApps. They can do it through our PoS-based platform with ease.
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